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Adventure Photography | My Interview with

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

I am so excited to have been asked to do an interview with to introduce my Adventure Photography to their high adrenaline, adventure seeking community and client base.

The purpose of the Swedish based company, in their own words, is to "reshape how you find and book your next adventure". The small team behind this concept has done an amazing job of pairing passionate adventure operators around the world, with travelers looking for some exciting experiences.

I was originally contacted by Angelica, the head of marketing at Thrillism, way back in March. She had gotten in touch to let me know that she had included my Instagram page on a list she was compiling of 101 Adventure Photographers to Watch. At the time I was a little shocked, and in all honesty thought I was being trolled.

Had my hashtaging actually worked? Had someone really seen my photos and liked them enough to do something about it? Turns out the answer was "yes"! After a few back and forth emails Angelica sent me the link to the article. I was thrilled to be featured alongside some of my favourite winter sports photographers, many of whom I had looked up to for years. Since that time I have formed a good relationship with the company. I have been able to provide them with photos, and have done an Instagram takeover for them from Iceland. Who knows what will be next? Being asked to do an interview was just the icing on the cake! Here is a little excerpt from that adventure photography interview: "Introducing Janice Power Photography. Janice is an up and coming talent in the adventure photography community. With a level of authenticity at the forefront, a passionate snowboarder, hiker and overall lover of the outdoors, Janice is proving that even in a saturated and overcrowded industry like #AdventurePhotography, that she can hold her own." To check out the full introductory interview with me please follow the link below:


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