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A Real & Positive Change | Making a Difference This Holiday Season

Updated: Jan 31

When I was a child my favourite cartoon was Captain Planet. It was a show about kids who could actually make a difference, and stop the world from being destroyed by pollutants. When they could not handle the bad guys alone they would combine their strengths to call upon Captain Planet who helped save the day. I was always so inspired. I wanted to save the day.

It is no wonder that when I was 7 years old I ended up phoning the WWF hotline after seeing an infomercial to save the pandas. Though I tried my best to put on an “adult” voice I was still found out by the person on the other end of the phone. She explained, very sweetly, that what I wanted to do was admirable but that I could not do it alone. Turns out she was right.

We have all heard the argument, “I am only one person. What difference can I make?” But the thing I did not understand at the time was when many “one persons” join together they make up a force. That force can be more powerful than you can imagine.

I have spent a lot of time this week listening and learning from other who know more about the state of our planet than I do. On Sunday, following a screening of The Radicals at the Whistler Film Festival, I listened to senior ecologist, Alyson McHugh, tell a room of attentive faces, “We are documenting our own extinction”.

As a documentarian that really hit home for me. What happened to that little girl that was so inspired to save the world? There is so much more that can be done than simply sitting back and watching as we barrel toward an unprecedented loss of life on this earth. I do not want to document demise. I want to document redemption.

According to McHugh 80% of the world's waterways are compromised at this point. This has led to the illness and death of aquatic species, and those that feed off them, at an alarming rate.

Water is life.

We all require its continued clean existence to survive. We as humans have a social responsibility to ourselves and each other to do more than talk about what is happening. We must recognize that these issues are affecting us on a global scale and that doing nothing in the preservation of the short term does not leave us any possibility of having a long term.

We need to think of the bigger picture.

This holiday season please consider giving a donation to an organization fighting for the betterment of humanity and the preservation of our planet. Choose to take the opportunities afforded to you and use them to affect a real and positive change.

There are countless numbers of environmental organizations that can use your support. Listed below are just a few of my local favourites::

Beyond Boarding

Rain Coast

Protect Our Winters Canada

David Suzuki


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